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Did you know that employers save 50% - 70% when they replace
instructor-based learning with eLearning?


That’s because 85% of the cost of classroom learning is spent on just getting the instruction to come to the office, paying for their time, etc.  There’s no doubt that eLearning is the future of employee training programs.  In fact, eLearning has been proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% - 60%. 

If you’re looking to improve the technical capabilities of your employees, you’ve come to the right place.  We offer competitive business packages to bring a broad stroke of knowledge and career development to your teams. 

KWT brings you state of the art, technical training programs that allow industry professionals to improve their skills, develop a broader scope of knowledge, and ultimately, increase efficiency in their companies.  IT is a dynamic, ever-changing world, so it’s important that professionals are staying up to date with the latest industry standards, trends, and networking fundamentals. 

Our certification video series were designed to not only prepare students for specific exams, but also increase their value to existing professional teams.

Each course is loaded with bonus content to help your teams develop professionally and work together seamlessly when issues arise.

These courses are broken down into easy-to-digest, VOD learning modules that never exceed 20 minutes in length. You can break up and deliver each course to your employees however you’d like. Also, although our videos are not in a live class format, we can schedule time to dedicate an instructor to your employees.

This will provide a “live” feeling to the course and allow employees to ask any questions they may have, interact with the instructor, and improve their ability to retain the material.  Through our messenger app, your employees can have live face-to-face chats with the instructor or other students, create their own private study groups, and show their ideas using a whiteboard.

As a veteran owned, military supporting company, we’re proud to offer priority access to our instructors and videos to all military personnel. 

Please email us at business@kwt.us for a free price quote.



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