Microsoft Outlook 2019 – Intermediate Course

Microsoft Outlook 2019 – Intermediate Course

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook 2019 Intermediate Course

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Why Outlook Intermediate Course?

Do you use MS Outlook?  Then you can benefit from the techniques and processes outlined in this course. Explore the many intermediate techniques of which the casual Outlook user may not be aware. Learn to apply these techniques to your day-to-day work, regardless of your role. Most people only use a fraction of the available functionality of Outlook. With this course, you can make yourself more effective and more valuable to your company as you share your new found knowledge.

What will you learn?

MS Outlook is more than an email client. Outlook includes often overlooked functionality for managing your time, your resources, your documents, and your workload, including:

  • Email signatures to make your communications pop
  • Sharing Calendars, Tasks, and Notes
  • Managing multiple time zones
  • Email polls and surveys
  • Shortcuts and Tips to manage your Outlook content
  • And more

While this course focuses on the most recent version Outlook 2019, most of the topics within the course are applicable and relatable to most other versions of Outlook (including 2013, 2016, and 365).

Not every feature or recommendation will be useful to everyone, but everyone should be able to come away from this course with at least one new process using MS Outlook functionality to improve the management of their day to day workload.

How will you learn?

We know that your time is valuable, so we created a course where you can learn on your own time.

  • 31 on-demand videos you can watch anytime and anywhere
  • Every video is less than 20 minutes so they are easy to digest
  • You can engage directly with your instructor, Barbara Coleman, who has more than 25 years’ experience in Information Technology
  • You can network and connect with other people taking the course

Who teaches you?

Barbara Coleman will teach you everything she has learned about using Outlook effectively after 25 years in the IT Industry. Barb has worked in a variety of roles and within many different industries.  Barb has plenty of real-world examples and recommendations on how to get the most out of Outlook. Check out her full bio by clicking on her image below!

Course Instructor

Barbara Coleman Barbara Coleman Author
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