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Nathan joined the Army in 2002. His chosen Army specialization was 31F or Network Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer. Nathan was stationed in a small town named Wae Gwan in South Korea once he completed his basic & advanced training courses from 2003 to 2006. During this time, Nathan configured, troubleshot, and maintained his telecommunications system for non-signal Army assets so they could focus on carrying out their missions without worrying on whether or not they’ll be able to communicate in the field.

After Nathan finished his service as an active duty soldier, he was then brought on in 2008 as a civilian for the Army to support their tactical network systems. These systems were far more advanced than the ones from previous generations, and allowed the soldiers to leap forward into the 21st century with advanced networking and security devices. During this time, he supported hundreds of soldiers, providing over the shoulder training, and personal support throughout different locations across the US, and in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. He also developed a 600-page reference guide on the network systems the soldiers used, which was never done before in that capacity; helping thousands of soldiers across the world.

After 6 years supporting the Army, Nathan decided to venture into the private sector. Nathan’s first job was for a private company directly supporting the military and other public sector organizations in a more advanced capacity, personally helping solve over 200 complex issues, allowing these organizations to continue their missions successfully.

Nathan continues his support to the military through Knowledge Wisdom Training by providing a permanent discount to both veterans and active duty military as well as fully committing to ensuring that KWT brings on as many veteran instructors onto the team as possible.

The Army has taught Nathan a strong work ethic, discipline in and out of his personal life, meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive troubleshooting skills, and has given him unparalleled standards that are constantly pushing the envelope. During his service and as an Army civilian, Nathan had to adapt to strenuous conditions, work 18+ hour long shifts, and focus during mounting pressure to get the network up as well as troubleshoot major issues as fast as possible as the network had to be up as soon as possible so his customers could complete their missions successfully. The Army’s core values have taught him integrity, loyalty, duty, respect, personal courage, honor, and selfless service, which he passes on through to his company’s values to ensure KWT meets the same high in every aspect by building a solid offering through Knowledge Wisdom Training to its customers.




Nathan’s committed to ensuring that our courses and video content is of the highest quality. He is constantly striving to ensure that KWT provides an excellent course library that is integrated with the most functionality as possible to bridge the gap between pre-recorded training and that of live/brick-and-mortar type training through KWT’s messaging application across all platforms, the ability to post comments on each video individually, skill enhancement videos for each course, and quizzes at the end of each section. If for any reason, you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations, please contact us immediately at support@kwt.us or (866) 598-3576 so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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